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  • Braised Spicy Honey Garlic Goose Legs by Brad Fenson

    Braised Spicy Honey Garlic Goose Legs

    Canada goose legs and thighs are often discarded by hunters who think they are tough and unpalatable. When you embrace the legs and thighs and cook them with care, you’re apt to consider them the best part of the bird.

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  • Honey Garlic Goose Legs by Brad Fensin

    Honey Garlic Goose Legs

    Goose legs and thighs are often the best part of the bird, especially when braised until tender. Browning the legs for flavor, then braising them in a liquid or sauce is a terrific way to create fall-off-the-bone goose treats with...

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  • Goose Schnitzel by Brad Fenson

    Goose Schnitzel

    When I hear the word schnitzel, I think of Austrian wiener schnitzel made with thin veal cutlets. They’re always extremely tender, and the crisp coating goes well with a dark brown gravy or specialty sauce.

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  • Duck Popper Pasta by Brad Fenson

    Duck Popper Pasta

    Most waterfowl hunters are familiar with duck or goose poppers. The recipe has different renditions, but most include jalapeño peppers, cream cheese, bacon, spices and duck cut into strips

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  • Snow Goose Pate by Brad Fenson

    Snow Goose Pate

    When most people hear the word ‘pâté,’ they immediately think of liver. However, pâté can be made from any meat and does not have to contain any liver at all.

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  • Korean Goose Legs by Brad Fenson

    Korean Goose Legs

    Goose seasons are underway across the country, and hunters are taking advantage of the burgeoning populations of big honkers. When suitably prepared, a Canada goose has similar texture and flavor to that of beef. The best-kept-secret about the hefty honkers...

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  • Dry Garlic Duck Legs by Brad Fenson

    Dry Garlic Duck Legs

    Waterfowlers sometimes overlook the flavor and volume of meat on the legs and thighs of ducks and geese. Hunters that have embraced taking the swimming and walking gear find they will quickly become a favorite.

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  • Curried Duck Breasts by Brad Fenson

    Curried Duck Breasts

    Large ducks like pintails, mallards and gadwall, provide lots of protein to feed a family or hunting camp. Breasts are often removed skinless and finding a way to maintain the right texture and flavor when cooking can be a challenge.

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