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  • Pulled Goose Enchiladas b y Brad Fenson

    Pulled Goose Enchiladas

    Late summer is a great time to go through the freezer and find the remaining waterfowl you still need to eat before the new season opens. With liberal limits and seasons, waterfowl hunters often stock their freezers with more lean...

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  • Rib-like Goose Legs by Brad Fenson

    Rib-like Goose Legs

    If you like chicken wings or ribs you’re going to love this goose hunter’s finger food. It will also give you a good reason to save all the legs and thighs off your birds this coming season.

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  • Goose Jerky by Brad Fenson

    Goose Jerky

    Making jerky from geese is a favorite around our house. The dense meat is ideal for taking a brine and smoking, and once you try it you’ll never have enough birds in the freezer to satisfy the jerky cravings. There...

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  • Butter and Bitter Orange-Basted Duck b y Brad Fenson

    Butter and Bitter Orange-Basted Duck

    Is there anything better than hunting ducks over water with your favorite four-legged friend? Eating said ducks comes in as a close second. Mallards fattened on the agricultural seeds and grains along their migration routes are some of the tastiest...

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    Swan is often given a bad rap as table fare, but this recipe will have you looking skyward for white birds with long necks and wide wingspans. Browning and braising meat with aromatic vegetables build flavors that will have you...

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  • Korean Goose Fingers by Brad Fenson

    Korean Goose Fingers

    Recipes don’t get any easier than this. The marinade makes goose meat extremely tender and flavorful. It works extremely well on all wild game, so if you’re looking for something to spice up your venison, duck, or other harvested game,...

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  • Duck Ragu by Brad Fenson

    Duck Ragu

    Hunters that breast their ducks can use them to make a tasty ragù, where the fowl is the star of the show. Wild duck is dark, flavorful meat that should be embraced for its texture and rich taste. A ragù...

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  • Instant Pot Luck Duck and Wild Rice by Brad Fenson

    Instant Pot Luck Duck and Wild Rice

    Duck and wild rice have always gone well together, but kick up the recipe with dried fruit and savory spices, and you’ll have a new favorite dish to serve to family and friends. Add new technology to the equation, and...

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