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  •  Brining Game Birds 101 by Brad Fenson

    Brining Game Birds 101

    Some might accuse ducks and geese of being strong in flavour with a grainy texture…but waterfowl is absolutely delicious when prepared right!

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  • "McSnow" Goose Sausage Patties by Brad Fenson

    "McSnow" Goose Sausage Patties

    Hunting snow geese can provide you with an abundance of protein. Grilled breasts, braised legs, pulled sandwiches, canned or jarred meat, and various sausages—there isn’t much of a limit!

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  • Martini Mallards by Brad Fenson

    Martini Mallards

    Duck skewers doused in a lime gin marinade and grilled hot on the barbeque are the hunter’s take on a martini. Cheers to easy, simple and delicious!

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  • Goose Breast Pastrami by Brad Fenson

    Goose Breast Pastrami

    Although these goose breasts require multiple steps—brining, smoking and circulating—trust us in saying the process is more than worth it! The final texture is perfection. Enjoy. Recipe courtesy of Matthew Batey, chef at Teatro in Calgary. This recipe was initially...

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  • Tomato-Braised Wild Goose Legs by Brad Fenson

    Tomato-Braised Wild Goose Legs

    The legs and thighs of a wild goose are some of the tastiest, easiest-to-cook parts of a bird. When prepared properly, they will be extremely tender, with a flavour like roast beef. The trick is to cook them low and...

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  • Sous-vide Easter Goose by Brad Fenson

    Sous-vide Easter Goose

    Easter. You might think of bunnies and egg-hunting, but for the avid waterfowler, it means spring snow goose season. Depending on what date Easter falls on and when the geese migrate, hunters can often count on fresh snow goose to...

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