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Free shipping on orders over $99
Free shipping on orders over $99


First of all we want to stress that Final Approach has the Best Decoy Carvers in the Hunting Industry. We have 28 Decoy Carving Championships so our carvers know what a decoy is supposed to look like. Pat Godin is a 17-Time World Champion, Tom Christie is a 6-Time World Champion, Jamie Welsh is a 3-Time World Champion and Wayne Simkin is a 2-Time World Champion. Our guys carve the details into the decoys to start so that painting that decoy is a lot easier and will turn out more lifelike as a finished product. We have also used Pat Godin and Tom Christie’s advice on a lot of our paint schemes and colors so when the decoys come from our factory they look as realistic and lifelike as our carvers intended them to be.

Final Approach Decoy Features

  • All our Duck and Goose Floaters have our Final Approach weighted keel and cord lock system.
  • All our HD and Live Full body Ducks and Geese have our Zero Gravity Motion system to get the most movement out of the least amount of wind. Our motion system not only gives you side to side motion but it also gives you up and down motion like the bird is walking or looking for food. We have our motion system on both our stakes and our bases depending on the decoys.
  • All our decoy paint schemes come with the flat finish for that natural bird look and an iridescent shine where it is supposed to be like on a blue speculum on a Mallard or that blue and green tint on a greenhead shining in the sun.
  • A lot of our duck decoys like our Live Pintails, Live Gadwall and Live Northern Shovelers come in all drake packs. We listen to our customers and gave you what you asked for. More drakes and more color on certain birds and less brown. We have also made sure in our mixed packs with drakes and hens to make sure we have more drakes than hens to make sure your spread pops with color.
  • Our Full Body geese always come with more feeders than sentries or uprights. A feeding flock is a relaxed flock so more heads down means they are at ease. More High heads up means the birds are alert and something is wrong.

We have several different levels of Final Approach Decoys:

  • Our “Last Pass” series is our entry level or price point decoy lineup. They are made of rugged plastic with great paint adhesion and our great FA Durability. Most of these decoys are one piece designs and have great paint schemes. Some of them have Flocked heads like our Last Pass Goose Floaters.
  • Our “HD or High Definition” series is our middle of the road priced decoys with a few more features than our Last Pass. They are made of a rugged mix of softer plastic to have a little more flex while still maintaining our Fa Durability and excellent paint adhesion. These decoys have some upgraded features like being either Fully Flocked or having Flocked heads. They have great carvings and great body positions to go along with more feather details and an upgraded paint scheme.
  • Our “Live Series” is our top of the line decoys. Almost all of them feature our Premium EVA plastic that is the most flexible plastic on the market while still maintaining the ultimate in durability and paint adhesion. The carvings and paint schemes are the most recent and the best money can buy. They also have some other features like coming with a free decoy bag or tail loops to help you pick up and set up faster. We have tried to put every little detail in these decoys to make you the most successful in the field while chasing those last season hard to kill birds.

If you have any issues with any of our products please let us know. Like………..I have a broken piece on my blind or I lost a head to one of my decoys, or I am missing some stakes or bases. Our customer service can help you with those issues. Please contact them at (pictures of the issues help a great deal).

You can buy our products at Rogers Sporting Goods in the U.S. We also have a list of International Dealers on our home page.

We only ship in the U.S as we have distributors in Europe where you can see and buy our goods from them. The list of International Distributors is on the bottom of our home page. Starting in Fall of 2022 we will have our first distributor back in Canada that will be able to service all the provinces. Details coming soon.

Free shipping, (when available), only applies to the Continental United States.

We have an FA Influencer application on the bottom of our home page. Just click on the link and fill out the application. We usually add new influencers around May/June each year so getting your application in before that time frame will help.

We do have those programs and handle them on a case by case basis. You can email us your credentials and requests at

We have a Donation Request form on our Home Page so please go over and fill it out. We try and help as many as we can so please be patient.