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LIVE Snow Socks - 50 Pack

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The LIVE Snow Socks from Final Approach have everything that a Snow Goose hunter could want. The improved two finger pull handle design makes pick up simple and easy and the folding backbone snaps into place and breaks down flat with the flick of a wrist. They are printed with the perfect amount of detail without any shine to fool the large groups of geese as they circle the decoys. This sock is made from a never before seen durable, stain and water resistant DWR coated fabric that will keep your decoys looking good and prevent rips. On the end of the 27” stake is a sharpened point that will penetrate hard and frozen ground.


  • Two-finger pull handle
  • Folding backbone
  • Sharpened stake point
  • Drain holes
  • 27” 7mm stake
  • 18” x 12” Wind sock
  • 50 pack

Final Approach LIVE Snow Socks - 50 Pack

Product ID: FA-245100

SKU FA-245100