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LIVE Full Body Sandhill Crane Feeder - 2 Pack

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Sandhill Cranes have some of the best eyes out of all the waterfowl species. That means that your decoys need to look like the real thing. The Final Approach Live Crane decoys were made with that in mind. From head to tail every detail on these decoys matches the real thing. To add even more realism, these decoys are painted with a matte finish paint to mimic the look of feathers and eliminate any shine. The 32-inch metal stake holds these decoys at the proper
height and can be pushed into any type of ground. We also included a 2 slot bag to protect the decoys and make storage easier.


  • 32 inch metal stake
  • One piece
  • Lifelike paint detail
  • 2 Slot decoy bag
  • 2 Pack: 2 Uprights

Final Approach Live Full Body Sandhill Crane Feeder Decoy - 2 Pack

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