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LIVE Foam Filled Drake Diver Duck Decoys - 12 Pack

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Original price $200.00
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Introducing the LIVE Foam Filled Drake Diver Pack, an extraordinary fusion of realism and functionality. With the true to life paint schemes and highly detailed carves, this decoy pack might even fool you into thinking it is the real thing!

This decoy pack is not just a visual masterpiece, it is engineered for performance as well. We filled these with a high density closed cell foam to ensure your decoy resists sinking to give you a worry-free hunting experience. With a mix of active and resting postures, this pack will make your spread come to life.


  • True to live paint scheme
  • Oversized
  • Durable plastic blend
  • Foam Filled
  • 3 attachment points
  • Cord lock
  • Carved by 6 time World Decoy Carving Champion Tom Christie and 2 Time World Decoy Carving Champion Wayne Simkin
  • 12 pack includes: 4 active Canvasback drakes, 4 rester Canvasback drakes, 4 rester Bluebill drakes

Product ID: FA-232730

SKU FA-232730