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LIVE Floating Mallard Sleeper Preener Duck Decoys - 6 Pack

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The name says it all, LIVE. When you see these decoys on the water you will question if they are actual Mallards. Carved by 18-time World Champion Pat Godin, these decoys resemble LIVE ducks, not just in feather detail, but also in body postures. This pack has 2 unique postures, the drake sleeper and hen preener.

On top of the good looks, these decoys are made out of a premium EVA material! The material has a little bit of give that prevents cracking but also holds its shape. The benefits of using an EVA material are superior paint adhesion and flexibility. Say goodbye to paint flaking and plastic cracking, and enjoy a durable decoy.


  • Premium EVA material
  • Amazing "LIVE" feather detail provided by 18-time World Champion carver Pat Godin
  • Slightly over-sized
  • One piece design
  • True to life paint scheme
  • 6 pack includes: 3 drake sleepers, 3 hen preeners

Final Approach Live Floating Mallard Sleeper Preener, 6 Pack

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