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Live Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy

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Introducing the LIVE Breeder Hen – a turkey decoy that is as real as it gets. Crafted with precision by the six-time world decoy carving champion, Tom Christie, this decoy sets a new standard for realism. The meticulous detailing of a lifelike paint scheme, body posture, and cutting-edge decoy motion technology brings this decoy remarkably close to the real thing. Tom Christie has truly outdone himself, and the proof is in the lifelike appeal of the LIVE Breeder Hen. Constructed from a lightweight and durable EVA material, this decoy is built to last for years.

We've prioritized user-friendliness by incorporating a stake slot into the tail of the decoy. Setting up the LIVE Breeder Hen is a breeze – simply pull out the motion stake and position the decoy on top. Thanks to the innovative Zero Gravity Motion System, this decoy boasts a broad range of motion, even in gentle winds, to further enhance its lifelike allure.

Elevate your turkey hunting strategy with the LIVE Breeder Hen – the embodiment of realism. This decoy is engineered to outsmart even the most cautious turkeys, providing you with the ultimate edge in the field. Prepare for a new era in turkey hunting with the LIVE Breeder Hen, brought to you by Final Approach.


  • EVA Material
  • High-definition feather detail
  • Lifelike paint scheme
  • Zero Gravity Motion System
  • Integrated stake slot
  • Mossy Oak Bottomland Bag Included

Final Approach Live Breeder Turkey Hen Decoy

Product ID: FA-249020

SKU FA-249020