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Last Pass Floating Coots Decoys - 12 Pack

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Coots are the ultimate confidence decoy! Ducks naturally follow coots to scavenge the food they leave behind while feeding, providing an easy meal. By strategically placing these decoys on the edge of your spread, you introduce a touch of realism that can be a game-changer when hunting wary ducks. Crafted with detailed carve and a lifelike paint scheme, the Last Pass Coot ensures your spread achieves the highest level of realism. These decoys are great for all situations but are best suited for shallow marshes and mud flats, where coots are frequently rafted up.


  • Durable plastic blend
  • Detailed carve
  • Realistic paint scheme
  • 3 attachment points
  • Cord lock
  • Decoy length: 12 inches
  • 12 pack

Final Approach Last Pass Floating Coots Decoys, 12 Pack

Product ID: FA-233000

SKU FA-233000