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LIVE Honker Floaters Active - 4 Pack

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These decoys will make a statement! Made from an extremely durable EVA plastic that will be crack and chip resistant ensuring a longer life for this decoy. The one-piece design means that losing heads will no longer be a problem. The high tail body posture mimics the look of a real goose on the water and showcases the attention getting white rump to add pop to your spread. These Honker floaters are the life size of a Giant Canada Goose making them big bodied decoys. This 4 pack includes 2 low head, and 2 high head body postures. Want more head positions? Check out the LIVE Honker Floater Feeder pack, and the Live Honker Floater No Head Feeder pack.


  • One piece
  • EVA plastic
  • Flocked heads
  • Lifelike paint detail
  • Carved by 2 time World Champion Wayne Simkin
  • 4 pack includes: 2 Low heads, 2 High Heads
  • Body dimensions: 23” breast to tail, 11” wide

Product ID: FA-226151

SKU FA-226151