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LIVE Full Body Lesser Canada Geese - 6 Pack

The LIVE Full Body Lessers are our premium offering for Lesser Canada Goose decoys. Made from a durable, light weight EVA material that will take a beating. These decoys dance like none other in the wind with the Zero Gravity Motion System paired with 17” fiber stakes. Tail loops are already installed on these decoys to make setup and tear down easy. This incredible decoy was carved by 3 time World Champion Jamie Welsh and given a spot on paint scheme. On top of everything, this decoy is a ONE PIECE design!


  • One piece design
  • EVA plastic
  • Zero Gravity Motion System
  • 17" fiber stakes
  • Tail loops
  • New carving by 3 Time World Champion Jamie Welsh
  • 6 pack includes: 2 uprights, 2 straight feeders, and 2 aggressive feeders



Final Approach LIVE Full Body Lesser Canada Goose Hunting Decoys

Product ID: FA-226374