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Last Pass Snow Goose Silhouettes 12 Pack – Gen 4

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These decoys got a major upgrade! Featuring a new high-definition printing technology that gives the decoy an ultra-realistic appearance and reduces shine. The true to life detail and colors will bring your decoy spread to life. The stake handle was upgraded to provide room for fingers and prevent the stake from being pushed all the way into the decoy. This pack consists of four postures: upright, searcher, feeder, and long neck feeder. These decoys are lightweight, easy to pack into the field, and durable. Whether you are looking for more decoys to add to your spread, or you want a more packable option, these area perfect choice.


  • High-definition printing process
  • Lifelike postures
  • Anti-shine finish
  • Durable coroplast material
  • Ergonomic Ez-Grab handle
  • Spring steel stake
  • 12 pack includes: 2 uprights, 5 searchers, 3 feeders, 2 long neck feeders

Product ID: FA-22-300-01

SKU FA-22-300-01