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Last Pass Crow Call

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Crows have the biggest vocabulary of any birds out there as their tone as well as inflection have an impact on what they are trying to say. The Last Pass Crow Call is made from a pressure molded high grade material for the hand piece and plastic guts and tone board. The reeds are hand cut and hand shaved to get that right high pitch Caw of the crow. This call produces the high pitches of a young crow as well as a low raspy sound of that old boss crow. It can be used to strictly hunt crows but can also double as a locater call for turkey hunting. Whether you are a new hunter or have been at it for a while this call will be a great addition to your lanyard.


  • Handmade, hand tuned with a shaved reed all in the U.S.A.
  • Cold molded
  • Lanyard grooves
  • Easy to blow

Product ID:  FA-CR965