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Take your hide to the next level! Whoopgrass is a rot and mildew resistant natural fiber that blends in almost anywhere. Whoopgrass can be used to conceal a blind by itself, but it also is a great base layer to add natural brush on top of. This long lasting material works great on boat blinds, layout blinds, stand up blinds, and so much more. Simply thread a loop through a stubble strap and pull the tag ends through.


  • Made from dyed natural fibers for a very realistic effect
  • Super durable and reusable with a high tensile strength
  • Collapse & transport any Final Approach blind with Whoopgrass still attached
  • Rot & mildew resistant


Sku Color Weight Breakdown
FA-221-03-400 Late Season 3lb 1.5lbs Tan, 1.5lbs Edge Brown
FA-221-03-500 All Season 3lb 1lbs Tan, 1lbs Edge Brown, 1lb Field Green
FA-221-05-400 Late Season 5lb
2.5lbs Tan, 2.5lbs Edge Brown
FA-221-05-500 All Season 5lb 1.6lbs Tan, 1.6lbs Edge Brown, 1.6lb Field Green

Product IDs: FA-221, FA-221-03-400, FA-221-03-500, FA-221-05-400, FA-221-05-500

SKU FA-221-03-500
Color: All Season
Size: 3lb