Last Pass Honker Silhouettes with Flocked Heads

Goose hunting can sometimes be a numbers game. Full-body decoys take up so much room that it can be difficult to bring the number of decoys you need for your hunt. With the new Final Approach Honker Silhouettes that will no longer be a problem! 

These decoys are lightweight, easy to pack into the field, durable, and have a lifelike print. The four head positions with flocked heads will bring your spread to life. Whether you are looking for more decoys to add to your spread, or you want a more packable option, these decoys will be a perfect choice. Rugged coroplast design for durability

  • 12 Pack
  • Rugged coroplast design for durability
  • Oversized for great visibility
  • Lifelike prints of real birds in natural settings
  • Durable metal stakes for easy deployment in hard ground
  • One-piece design and stackable
  • Flocked Heads
  • Includes: 2 Sentry, 4 Active / Walkers, 2 Sneakers / Searchers, 4 Aggressive Feeders


Product ID: FA-21-11920-4