Last Pass Full Body Lessers

The Last Pass Full Body Lessers are packed with all the features waterfowl hunters are looking for in a decoy. The most notable feature is the Zero Gravity Motion system that allows movement on all axises with very little wind. When coupled with the realistic look of this decoy, the birds will make their last pass thinking the decoys are live birds.


  • A rugged mix of softer plastic for added durability and paint adhesion
  • Upgraded Paint Scheme for a more realistic look
  • Zero Gravity Motion System
  • Dual locking head connection
  • Flocked heads
  • 25-inch fiber stakes with a grab handle for easy in and out of the ground
  • 12 pack
  • Includes: 2 sentry, 2 resting, 2 left feeder, 4 center feeders, and 2 right feeder


 Product ID: FA-196274