Double Trouble Goose Flag

Strong, Realistic Goose Decoy Kites

Eliminate the “dead bird” look with this unique dual-side flat. After flagging, simply turn it over before laying it on the ground and it’s completely camouflaged!


  • Another original design by Ron Latschaw
  • Upward-angled wings for more realistic movement and appearance
  • Specially-designed molded end piece keeps wings in natural upward-angled position
  • Unique, paddled handle grip keeps flag stable and won’t rotate in your hand during heavy wind
  • Full-length pocket on flag body secures rod handle keeping flag tight and quiet
  • All stitching is heavily reinforced for strength and durability

Product Details:

  • Extra-strong, 3/8" diameter, lightweight, solid fiberglass rod handle
  • Highly-durable, light, non-woven polyester material


Product ID: FA-436400FA