About Us

There he was again. After three long hours of hard digging, Ron Latschow sat cold and winded in yet another dirt-walled pit in the middle of a field. Ron was no stranger to putting in tough work or enduring tougher conditions to pursue his passion. It was a price he was happy to pay. Still, as dirt crumbled down into his eyes and threatened to clog his prized gun’s action, he scanned the open patch of sky above and thought, “There has to be a better way.”

It would be some 8 eight years later when Ron walked into a cow pasture towing a plywood box that would soon be recognized as the birth of the layout blind. His low profile box with its sliding top weighed a hefty 175 lbs, but his days of digging were over. And in 1993, Final Approach was born.

Today, 25 years later, Ron’s passion for waterfowling and his commitment to making tougher gear for equally obsessed hunters can be found in every Final Approach blind, decoy, bag and accessory. For sure, the blinds are far lighter and infinitely more comfortable than his original plywood box. But the commitment is unchanged.

So, to every waterfowler about to rise before the sun, we say thank you. And we make this promise: As long as there remains an open field and a promising patch of sky, Final Approach will stay later, work harder and build smarter to make your hunt that much better.